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By using this site and/or MiChoice Software web services and software titles, you are agreeing to this general Software Agreement license and Terms of Use. License: MiChoice Software distributes most software under a license agreement. Trial periods on select software expire after ten-thirty days. After that period, to continue to use the software legally, you must purchase a license for that software title. A single user license allows that user to operate the software on only one computer at a time. Sharing, redistribution, or simultaneous use is prohibited. Multiple user licenses fall under the same restrictions only allow the provided simultaneous uses. Distribution: MiChoice Software houses all software on our owned/rented servers. Unauthorized distribution without prior consent is strictly prohibited. Before placing our software titles on CD-ROM, web/FTP servers, BBS, or any other medium, please consult Infamus Software for permission. In no way can any distribution add to, remove, or alter files within a software product. Redistributed software or mirror sites must provide the software as it is and with absolutely no alterations without prior authorization.

Warranty/Refunds: MiChoice Software cannot be held responsible for problems arising from the use or abuse of any of our software titles. MiChoice Software is not responsible for lost data or system instability caused by our programs. Be advised that me may release prerelease or beta software which may contain system-effecting bugs.

Privacy: We respect your privacy and the privacy of all users and visitors. We do not sell, rent, lease, or give away our user list or email addresses. We will not contact you unless you opt-in to a user email list. We may, from time to time, gather specific data from user browsers as they enter and exit the site. This information is standard, and contains data like referring URL, pages viewed, and amount of time spent on the site. No personal user contact information is gathered. This data is used for internal calculations of traffic, platform, and download counts. We make every effort to keep your information safe and secure. Unfortunately, due to the very nature and environment of the internet, we cannot ensure that all communications and personally identifiable information will never be disclosed.

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